Rigtech have extensive experience in the condition evaluation of drilling rigs and rig equipment

A condition evaluation may be undertaken for a number of reasons, such as:

On and off hire survey, the survey provides:

An independent third party opinion as to the condition of a rig when it is taken on hire or released from hire. Distinguishing between fair wear and tear and unreasonable condition or damage can help alleviate contract disputes.

An evaluation of the condition of a rig when it is take on hire to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets regulatory compliance.

An assessment to ensure minimum downtime during the period of contract.

Management control

Companies may have a head office in one part of the world but with operations worldwide which are dependent upon local management. A condition evaluation will provide assurance to the head office as to the condition of a rig

Company management do not always have the time or the technical experience to assess their installations and a condition evaluation will provide that assessment in an understandable format.

Preparation for Re-fit or reactivation

A condition evaluation will define the work necessary for a Re-fit or Reactivation. Rigtech can also assemble a budget, project manage all activity and re-commission a unit.

Preparation for cold stack and preservation

Rigtech can conduct a condition evaluation and make recommendations for cold stack and preservation. There is an economic balance between how much effort is put into preservation against the cost of refurbishing equipment with little or no preservation applied.

Rigtech can make those decisions and advise on the best course of action

Preparation for decommissioning

Rigtech can conduct an evaluation and prepare a rig for decommissioning.

The work required to make the rig safe can be defined: Pressure vessels opened up, Accumulated pressure relieved, Air-con and refrigeration gases environmentally removed, hazardous materials identified, etc



This was the condition of a drill ship sackroom coming off hire from a major drilling contractor and going back to the owners.

Actually worse than it looks because some of the chemical was Caustic Soda. Lying loose and spilt onto the deck it was a hazard to personnel.


On a National 1625 Drawworks, this crank link, connecting left and right hand side brake bands, has needle bearings inside. It is common for these bearing to be damaged. In this example the bearing had broken up and the pin was wearing through the link. Once this happens, the blocks are coming down.



A rig condition evaluation report uses the same format as our audit reports to itemise deficiencies and assign a criticality.

A spreadsheet of deficiencies is prepared which can be used to implement a deficiency repair tracking programme.

A word summary gives a management overview of the survey results.

The graphs above are generated from the guidance notes used during the condition evaluation. A brief summary report of the major issues is issued, levels of priority are identified and all deficiencies are itemized in a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet can readily be adopted for tracking purposes.

Below is an example of guidance notes extracted from a safety section. Relevant codes and standards are quoted where appropriate