The consequence of failure of any electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres can be catastrophic with a potential of multiple deaths and complete loss of the company asset.

Rigtech Independent Limited can provide assurance that your Ex equipment is in full compliance with international standards, codes and practices and legal obligations.

Electrical Integrity inspection comprises three main areas:

  • The installation of electrical equipment in hazardous area
  • Electrical Safety
  • The operation and maintenance of electrical equipment


“Having been working on a jack drilling unit during a severe shallow gas blow out, the first thought was ‘I hope it doesn’t ignite’. The effectiveness of the Ex maintenance and of the shut down systems soon comes to the forefront of the mind”.

Fortunately, the above incident passed without mishap and a safe conclusion was helped in part by the standard of Ex electrical integrity.

Ex integrity involves:

  • Identification of all electrical equipment in hazardous area
  • The certification and traceability of equipment
  • The standard of installation
  • Flame path integrity
  • Gland type and security
  • Cable type and security

The starter in the picture here fails on a number of counts


Rigtech can assist our clients with optimising Ex Integrity performance with the following services:

  • Installation of new and upgrade of E&I equipment
  • Ex inspection of new and existing equipment
  • Ex remedial repairs
  • Gap analysis of current Ex inspection strategies
  • Compilation of Ex Registers and Databases
  • Developing bespoke maintenance programmes
  • Ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations

Hazardous areas classifications



 Of equal importance is the general safety and condition of all electrical equipment, consideration should be given to, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • The installation and support of electrical cables.
  • Overloading of equipment.
  • Fuses and protection devices properly installed.
  • The proof type of switchboard connections.
  • Failure to maintain the equipment.
  • Essential emergency services protected.
  • Essential cable runs protected, not passing through Class 1 machinery spaces, protected from fire, explosion, impact, etc.
  • Corrosion of equipment.
  • Switchboard safety.
  • The provision of specialist safety equipment.
  • The competency of personnel.

Rigtech Independent Limited can also assist our clients with the following services:

  • Ex Electrical surveys (Visual, close and detailed inspection).
  • Electrical safety evaluation.
  • Management and technical support services.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Commissioning and Decommissioning of all electrical equipment and appliances.
  • Thermal imaging surveys.


There is an amount of heavy electrically driven equipment on drilling units such as Drawworks, Mud pumps, Top drives, Propulsion, Cranes, Winches, etc. All have complex electrical applications both in the power drives for the main motors and in the control functions. Rigtech has the personnel with the knowledge, experience and expertise to effectively inspect, repair and maintain all drilling equipment.

Recent work has included:

  • The inspection of crane motors, electrically operated brakes and control systems on behalf of Shelf drilling.
  • The urgent replacement of a Dynamic Positioning Systems UPS on a dive support vessel (accomplished in Aberdeen in one day over a bank holiday weekend)
  • The decommissioning of electrical equipment on CNR ‘Murchison’

This Ex rated junction box was found to be corroded through where a cable tray had been in contact with the top of it


Thermal imaging discovered this left hand cable showing an elevated temperature. On investigation the fault was actuality in the right hand cable, consequently all the current was passing though the left.


The arrangement of this cable catenary on a modified rig is exceptionally poor.


Electrical safety is not just about the major hazards