Rigtech Independent have applied their knowledge and experience to the decommissioning of platform drilling units.

We can offer a service that assesses, plans, implements and manages the control of the:

  • Liaison between all the interested parties and management of the interfaces.
  • Ramp Down process of the drilling systems.
  • Mechanical and Electrical isolation of the drilling systems.
  • Flushing and bleed down of all pressure systems.
  • Identification, evaluation and mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • Handling, removal and disposal of solids, liquids and gases from all systems and equipment is in strict compliance with government regulations, industry guidelines and company policies.
  • Handover of the drilling package, in a proven safe condition to the principal decommissioning contractor.

Recent work includes the Decommissioning of the CNR ‘Murchison’ drilling package in the North Sea


For example, a systematic process of events in decommissioning a BOP control unit would be:

  • Hazard and Risk assessment conducted.
  • Permits prepared.
  • System removed from service and proven inert:
  • Prime mover electric driven pump and air operated pumps permanently isolated.
  • Nitrogen accumulators bled down to atmosphere and bladder valves removed.
  • Oil reservoir drained and lines bled down to lowest point.
  • Lines split and fluids drained.
  • Tagged as “out of service” and in “decom state”.
  • Components and spare parts identified for retention.

Equipment can be evaluated with consideration to:

  • Retaining in storage
  • Breaking down into spare parts
  • Transfer to another facility.
  • Re-sale value

These mud pumps were dismantled and critical components retained in storage

On completion, systems and equipment are formally handed over to the principal decommissioning contractor