Rigtech Independent Ltd has the capability and experience of developing managing, and supporting a Competency Development Framework bespoke to the client.

The Competency Development Framework will typically consist of:

  • Developing and managing job specific competency profiles.
  • Profile development focusing on a candidates skills set and level of experience within the industry.
  • Developing evidence programme manuals in line with core disciplines.
  • Alignment of training requirements to support competence profiles.

Safety, technical expertise, innovation and quality are the primary considerations when developing the programme.

Client strategies and achievements towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are also considered when developing the programme

Rigtech Independent Ltd can develop competency programme manuals and development packs bespoke to job specifics



Some of the benefits of a well managed, well supported Competency Development Framework include;

  • Retaining and attracting staff, particularly when linked to career progression and pay.
  • Encourage individuals to take more responsibility for their own development.
  • Guiding individuals along the correct learning paths
  • Ensures that employees are clear about how they are expected to perform in their jobs.
  • Recognising the leadership qualities of individuals.
  • Efficiency in deploying the right people for the right job.
  • Determining gaps in the company training programmes.

Ultimately it will align individual performance with business objectives, it will help create operational efficiency, enhanced business relationships and potentially increase sales and turnover.